B i o g r a p h y

 Sebastian is a Indie / Soul / Blues influenced singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer from Northern California.



Thank You to all that voted in the

2020 North Bay Music Award's and making SSJ the Norby winner in the singer songwriter category!


A long history of self promoted touring, grinding it out on sidewalks, in bars, clubs, theaters, festival stages and just about anywhere where else one can make a buck playing original music is starting to pay off for this North Bay native. Inspiration and continued drive to share a message with who ever wants to listen is his thing, with lyrics  that touch on embracing love and handling pain and part vintage - part modern approach to writing and production there's no telling what is to come of this young writer except that the best is yet to come.

In the past Sebastian has been voted People's Choice Best Performer in Sonoma County, has received 3 other North Bay Music Awards and an award from the West Coast Songwriters Association.

  He's currently in studio working on a solo record  and soon to start  a new record with the Highway Poets in 2021/22

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